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One of the smartest things I’ve heard anyone say about writing a book proposal is this:

You have to make one real human being — who happens to read a lot of books — like your book.”

One real human being.

Most writers and authors overthink, and therefore, overwhelm themselves with the proposal. Which makes it a massive task. Don’t do that.

When writing the proposal, authors are often thinking about getting lots of people to read their book. That is a mistake.

Getting published is all about winning over one person — one acquiring editor at a major publishing imprint. Not the masses.

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Lee works mostly with business, politics, and self-help nonfiction titles. He also works with literary fiction and YA. Recent major book deals include The Business of Influence by Neal Schaffer (HarperCollins), Live Big by Ajit Nawalkha (BenBella Books), Experience: The Revolution by Derek Loudermilk (Wiley), and That One Cigarette by Stu Krieger (Harvard Square Editions). Previously was Editor-in-Chief at CG Magazine, did sales and growth for startups in Silicon Valley, and then marketing and editorial for agencies, magazines and accelerators in Las Vegas and New York. You’ll likely find him browsing the crime mystery section of a bookstore or in a cafe sipping an Americano. Favorite book: The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly.



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Neal Schaffer, The Business of Influence

Lee was great to work with. We spent time working on my book proposal and he helped negotiate multiple publishing contracts. I ended up with a 5-figure paid advance."

— Neal Schaffer, author of The Business of Influence, social media influencer and keynote speaker on marketing, sales and influence.

Published by HarperCollins Leadership

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Leena Olaimy, Compassionate Counterterrorism

I signed with Berrett-Koehler, an independent publisher which also has a distribution agreement with Penguin Random House. We are totally values-aligned and I'm very happy I signed with them."

— Leena Olaimy, author of Compassionate Counterterrorism, Dalai Lama Fellow and Fulbright Scholar who has been researching terrorism since 9/11.

Published by Berrett-Koehler


Stu Krieger, That One Cigarette

Lee and I began working together to get my book ready for primetime and my entire experience has been a joy. Lee is a smart, dedicated and kind human being who truly cares about shepherding new authors and their works out into the cold, cruel world.

— Stu Krieger, author of That One Cigarette, wrote the animated classic The Land Before Time for producers Steven Spielberg & George Lucas and ten original movies for the Disney Channel, recent winner of the Riverside International Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Published by Harvard Square Editions


Ajit Nawalkha, Live Big

“Lee wrote my proposal in about a week and started getting feedback from traditional publishers right away. With him, I found a phenomenal publisher.”

— Ajit Nawalkha, author Live Big, world-renowned angel investor and business coach, co-founder of Mindvalley and Host of Evercoach.

Published by BenBella Books


Xanet Pailet, Living An Orgasmic Life

“This was a great experience. Lee was very helpful in the proposal writing process and in choosing the right publisher to work with. He is a great cheerleader and always offered helpful suggestions and encouragement. I did not feel alone and was very strongly supported. As a first time author, with a relatively small email list, I was really thrilled with the results.”

— Xanet Pailet, author of Living An Orgasmic Life, a former lawyer turned sex and intimacy coach, lived in a sexless marriage for decades. 

Published by Mango Books


Dr. Michael Cotton, Source Code Meditation

“My experience with Lee Constantine was amazing. As a fist time author the actual steps required to publish can feel daunting. Lee’s knowledge of the industry, detailed step by step guidance and ‘hands-on’ approach made the whole experience not only easy but fun. Thanks to Lee’s efforts my book ‘Source Code Meditation, Hacking Evolution Through Higher Brain Activation got picked up by a major publisher! I can’t say enough about my experience with Lee .”

— Dr. Michael Cotton, author of Source Code Meditation, a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture and the brain. He founded Higher Brain Living® and EPOCH6 | The New Human. 

Published by Findhorn Press (Inner Traditions)